Albert & James

THE T-Word

  You're a tourist.  Deal with it.  Even if you live here.  Sometimes especially if you live here. What's that ache in your stomach?  Is it a fanny pack waiting to erupt from your stomach?  Or a rash that turns into a "I ❤ New York" shirt? Calm down. It's just your body telling you need to stop letting other people enjoy this city more than you. We can help with that.

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SEE The city

We'll show it you as much of it as your eyes take. From silver capped Art Deco skyscrapers to hidden Egyptian obelisks to rows of Brooklyn brownstones we'll overload your senses till they yell uncle.



How long were there sheep in Central Park? How many people are buried in Washington Square? Why is there an empty building in the middle of Times Square? Hang out with us and we'll tell all the cool stuff about New York you never knew you wanted to know.



We can't talk about NYC history without occasionally getting somber, but we also want to entertain you. From bike rides to short walks to all day excursions we're busy concocting new ways to engage with the city all the time.


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